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Los Gatos | Cambrian park San jose  - STEM4kids Summer Camps

(Location: Good Samaritan Episcopal Church - 15040 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, USA)


STEM4Kids' Summer Camps 2024 in San Jose

  • 12+ Years of Experience

  • Interactive Learning

  • Expert Instructors

  • Small Class Sizes

  • Fun & Engaging

Summer Camps 2024 at Los Gatos | San Jose CA

Day camps | starting from June 12th - Aug 14 2024

Summer is an amazing time in a child's life, filled with unforgettable moments, fun experiences, and a sense of vitality. Our goal is to inspire and enrich learning in various subjects, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and more.

This helps children receive a top-notch education that paves the way for exciting career opportunities and ultimately leads to more fulfilling and successful lives.

If you're searching for a special summer coding camp for kids that will engage and challenge your child, rest assured you've come to the right place. 

Summer Camp For Kids 2024 

Python Coding 

Experience the exciting realm of programming at our Python Coding Summer Camp. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners, this camp delves into fundamental as well as complex concepts. By engaging in interactive assignments and tackling challenges, participants will cultivate a programmer's mindset and acquire essential tech skills for the future.

Java Coding 


Discover the potential of Java at our Java Coding Summer Camp. Perfect for students who are enthusiastic about mastering object-oriented programming, this camp covers the basics of Java, app development, and creating games. Participants will develop a strong understanding of coding logic and Java syntax, laying the groundwork for future technological ventures.



Discover the exciting world of robotics with hands-on activities in our robotics summer camps. Kids will get to build and program robots while learning about how they work. This camp helps develop creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities, opening doors to a future in robotics engineering. We have both advanced and junior level robotics & sensors courses.



CodeMaker motivates future innovators. By participating in app development, digital creativity and summer coding camp, you will transform their ideas into reality. This camp focuses on critical thinking, teamwork, and the excitement of making things, offering a thorough introduction to the limitless opportunities of the digital realm.

Art Camp


Encourage your child's artistic abilities at our Art Camp. This camp delves into painting, sculpture, and digital arts, allowing campers to experiment with different mediums and techniques. Emphasizing self-expression and creativity, participants will craft their own works of art, enhancing their skills and self-assurance in a nurturing setting.

Technology Camp


Our Technology Camp is where curiosity intersects with innovation. Children will delve into the newest tech trends, including virtual reality, game design, coding, and robotics. Crafted to ignite a passion for STEM, this camp seamlessly merges enjoyment with education, arming campers with the necessary skills and excitement to tackle future technological hurdles.

Summer Coding Camp Details


  • Half Day Camp ( 9AM  - 12PM) : $349/ week (July 4th week - $279)

  • Full Day Camp (9AM - 3:30PM) : $499/week (July 4th week - $399)

Extra Discounts:

  • *Register for a minimum of 7 weeks & get $250 off (Limited Time offer)

  • *Register for a minimum of 4 weeks & get $120 off (Limited Time offer)

  • *Register for a minimum of 2 weeks & get $50 off​ (Limited Time offer)

  • Sibling Discount Offered ($10)

  • Refer a friend $30 saving

  • *Extra saving of $25 only works on full-day camps

Extended care Fee:

  • Morning extended care hours (8:30 - 9:00 AM) & afternoon extended care hours (3:30 to 6:00PM): $150/week 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refer a friend saving

Scholarship available..

Save More then $25/week (Enroll More Save More)
*Extended Extra saving $25 off/ week till 8th June
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Summer Camps available at Los Gatos | San Jose  CA

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Address : Good Samaritan Episcopal Church - 15040 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, USA

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