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About us

STEM4kids has been providing technology-focused Camps and Classes for students and we have loved and achieved every moment of it. Our offerings include summer and winter break program and school year enrichment courses.


Our Mission is to encourage and enhance learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and other subjects to ensure children receive an excellent education that opens doors for them to new and better career opportunities and more fulfilling, successful lives.


Our innovative programs, featuring high uses of computer technology under the supervision of highly trained and committed teachers. With our philosophy, kids will learn strategies for “Critical Thinking, Lateral Thinking, Problems Solving, Designing Projects and Communicating Ideas”

Our team
 Shweta Chordiya - Founder

Shweta brings in more than 12 years of experience as a Software Engineer and worked with many technology companies.  She holds a Master degree in Computer Science and Management.  She has passion for teaching science and technology to school children in fun filled learning environment. Because of her background in software and technology,  she feels that at early age, our children should get exposure of technology and engineering combined with science and mathematics which is missing in school curriculum or taught as separate and discrete subjects.


She also belive our childern should also learn how to program, because it helps the way they see and think. She is an active  participant in PTA at her daughter's school where she teaches art and crafts.


She has lovely family with two beautiful children of ages 14 and 8. She is committed for their great future and feels the same for every child.

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