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What is the difference between STEM4Kids Camps and other “LEGO Robotics” & programming Camps?

At STEM4kids, we works on Kids “Critical Thinking, Problems Solving, Designing Projects and Communicating Ideas” Because We want our students – boys and girls – to enter middle and high school actually wanting to sign up for that class in robotics, programming, physics or electronics.  Our Curriculum is STEM based focusing on key elements, and we believe that learning must be: 

   - Engaging

   - Relevant 

   - Hands-On 

   - Creative

We are not a franchisee, we work with very small number of kids to make sure every child get personal attention.


My child has experience with robotics. Will your program still be challenging?

Absolutely! Our STEM based curriculum stretch from Beginner to Master. We start from basics and advanced to master level with your kids, by making sure, Kids are engaged and not losing interest.  We inspire the engineers of tomorrow, we get into advanced mechanisms including gear trains and linkages and Explore and understand science behind it. We will be proud when they say “Yay! I did it!” or “wow! so that’s how it works!”


Is every week of our Summer Camp the same?

Well, yes and no! At STEM4Kids we have unique and in-depth progressive project-based curriculum. Kids will be moving to next level each week. At  the start of each week, teacher analyze the kids level and teaches everything necessary for a beginning or advanced student to next level to complete the course work.  Kids work at their own pace, we are always doing new projects, and something similar to karate belts as they achieve advancement to new levels. Thus, from week to week, campers are always doing something new and engaging!


Does get my child get to keep the Lego education kit?

Unfortunately, the Lego education kits are for classroom use only.


Does my child need to have any programming or robotics experience to enroll in this robotics engineering camp?

No, this camp curriculum is designed for students from beginner level to advanced level. Students with no experience will be given an introduction into both robotics & programming.


Is lunch provided at STEM4Kids Camps?

Yes, if you are interested please sign up for hot lunch at registration.

Who are the instructors?

All of our instructors are individuals who have a great interest and ability in teaching technology to students in an exciting way.

What type of computers do students work with? The students work with Windows-PC laptops, except in the iPad® Movie Making class where we use Apple iPad®s.


Do students get to take home their computer work?

Yes, students take home the majority of their computer and iPad® projects on a CD.


What if a camp needs to be cancelled due to low enrollment?

In the unlikely event that a camp needs to be cancelled, we will provide a full refund of tuition or allow a transfer to another STEM4kids camp, if space is available.


What is your refund/cancellation policy for Summer Camps?

STEM4Kids may cancel programs if a minimum enrollment has not been achieved. In the event a program is cancelled, all enrollment fees will be returned. If a family wishes to cancel an enrollment before May 10th, a $25 processing fee per camp will be charged, and the remaining fees returned. For requests after May 10th and at least three weeks prior to the first day of the camp, a cancellation fee of 25% will be charged, and the remaining fees returned. We are sorry, but there are no refunds given for Summer Camps within 3 weeks of the start of a camp.


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