STEM After School Program

(Location: Cambrian Park United Methodist 
1919 Gunston Way, San Jose, CA 95124)

STEM4kids offers STEM based curriculum on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM4kids has been providing technology-focused After School Programs, Classes and Camps for students. We have loved and achieved every moment of it. Our Mission is to encourage and enhance learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and other subjects to ensure children receive excellent education that opens doors for them to new and better career opportunities and more fulfilling, successful lives. Scholarships are available.


STEM4kids prepares kids for their future and develops 21st Century Skills — a future that we can’t even imagine.  Instead of having kids memorize facts that may be obsolete by the time they graduate, we teach them to find information and then use it to innovate new world around them.


We teach the concepts of Computer Science and Programming to polish critical and lateral thinking. 


Key Features :- 

- Supervised Homework    

- STEM4kids Academic - Math, Language, Writing + STEM education

- Science Workshop

- Computer Programming Lessons      

- STEM Lego Robotics - We prepare for Robotics competition & also conduct competitions

- Hands-on activities & engaging lesson plans

- Chess lessons

- Spelling bee preparation and we conduct competitions 

- Spanish & Hindi for all levels

- Enrichment Program

- Entrepreneurship skill building    

- Be Inventor - Design & Engineering Challenges      

- Formal curriculum in Arts, Sketching and painting

$50 Refer a Freind Saving 

Fees including transportations

5 Days/week - (Grade 1 - 5) $589/month - Grade K - $714/month

4 Days/week - (Grade 1 - 5) $549/month - Grade K $649/momth

3 Days/week - (Grade 1-5) $499/month - Grade K $574/month

2 Days/week - Grade (1-5) $399/month Grade k $449/month - Only for Oster

Only for Oster - Daily drop-in - $15/hour

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- $75 Non Refundable Registration Fee

- $75 Material Fee

- 10% Sibling discount

Why Robotics?

Robotics is increasingly being considered as the fourth “R” of learning, “Reading, wRriting and aRithmatic” that modern-day students must understand to succeed in a highly competitive, technology-driven world. Robotics integrates all STEM fields in way no other subject can cover. Robotics is the mother of all subjects. It integrates mechanical, electrical, electronics, control engineering, computer science, technology, math and science. 

STEM4kids offer interactive platform to learn programming to kids in a fun and learning way.  We have project based approach of teaching programming.

Why Computer Programming?
"Everybody in this country should learn to program computer because it teaches you how to think" -Steve Jobs