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Hot Lunch option is available to buy. Please order by Saturday for coming week.

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You can either email us at with camper information to order lunch or simply add it on the Activity Hero

Why we charge $12/meal or $60/week, Its sounds really high, can't agree more. Reason behind the high price is, we cater the food from the third party like door dash. Below is the example of 6" inch subway which originally cost only $7.80 but it cost us around $18.37. Thanks for your understanding 


5333 Prospect Road

July 24 2018 at 1:30pm


1            Rotisserie-Style Chicken 6"                                               $7.80

          Bread/Salad Choice: 9-Grain Wheat (Toasted)

          If sold out, go with merchant recommendation


                                                                      Subtotal                       $7.80

                                                                      Tax                                $0.72

                                                                      Delivery                       $4.99

                                                                      Service fee                  $0.86

                                                                      Dasher Tip                  $2.00

                                                                      Small Order Fee        $2.00

                                                                      Total                           $18.37

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